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The bobblehead market consistently generates good revenue, even though some may view it as a juvenile pursuit. The highest-value bobbleheads can fetch several hundred to several thousand dollars. Acquialwaysbobgoodheads for the appropriate individuals who know enough is always a good investment.

Over time, bobbleheads have gained popularity as collectibles for various reasons. These bobblehead toys are primarily divided into many different types. Bobbleheads are available for practically every interest, including comic book superheroes, movie stars, athletes, and well-known bands. The market is filled with various bobbleheads from various teams, which tends to draw in baseball fans in particular.

In addition, many of these figurines are intentionally produced in small quantities to add to their uniqueness. One reason for their exorbitant price tags is that limited edition bobbleheads are sought after by ardent collectors who will search the globe for them. Remarkably, even at such an exorbitant price, there's always that one devoted person with plenty of cash who will kill the bidding to take it home.

Tens of thousands of results can be found when browsing eBay ads, many selling for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Even more costly are vintage bobbleheads. Indeed, a 1961 Yankee bobble brought in $57,750 at auction in 2014. And in case you're wondering whose likeness it is modeled after, the answer is no—it's simply a little statue of an average Yankee devotee.

Therefore, giving a costly collectible figure or unique bobblehead that resembles you the room it so richly deserves is only fitting. To learn more about storing your bobbleheads correctly, continue reading this tutorial.  


Storing Your Bobbleheads

Even while the idea of collecting bobbleheads can seem very straightforward, there are a few essential things to know, such as where to store your collection. Bobblehead collecting is an addictive pastime. Though you might consider starting with a shelf full, it will take a little while to accumulate a complete room's worth of bobblehead sets.

Bobbleheads have a built-in stand with enough weight to keep them in place, which is a valuable feature. All it needs is a level place to stand that is out of the reach of young children and uncoordinated dogs. Most of the time, putting your bobbleheads on a desk, dresser, or bookshelf is the easiest and least expensive method to display them.

This may not work with more expensive limited-edition bobbleheads. The most crucial factor to consider when handling priceless bobbleheads is protection. It would be terrible if you destroyed one of your $100 commemorative set pieces, even while breaking your $5 generic MLB bobblehead might be a big problem.

They are delicate despite their seeming strength and durability. This is particularly valid for ceramic bobbleheads. The most common places for anything to break off are the head and neck regions and extended limbs or accessories. Most bobbleheads cannot withstand a fall of even a few feet. Furthermore, they are most prone to fade and crack when exposed to the weather over time.

Here are some pointers and the top techniques to showcase your collection of bobbleheads while keeping these things in mind.  


Car Dashboard Bobblehead Display Tips

Consider putting a couple of bobbleheads on your car's dashboard if you're the type who likes to show them off. Although many people may initially believe that these figures are simply meant to bob while driving, it can be not easy to keep a bobblehead firmly placed on a dashboard.

Hot glue, sticky tack, and double-sided tape are the three most popular materials used to hold dashboard figures in place in cars. However, these products only provide mediocre results that fade after a week or two. Everyone stays away from these as they frequently malfunction due to vehicle temperature fluctuations. This means that you will need to reseed your bobbleheads every few weeks.  


3M VHB Tape

One excellent advice to consider is using a 3M VHB tape to avoid these band-aid fixes. It's the same kind of solid bond foam tape that's used for mounting GoPros. It should take years for you to replace the tape after using this approach. To achieve a more stable bobblehead display, adhere to these four steps:

Step 1: Clean the location where you want to put the bobblehead with a dish soap bar or liquid detergent. Since most solutions leave a residue, stay away from utilizing window cleaners.

Step 2: Use a moist cloth to wipe down the soap completely, then let it dry.

Step 3: The attaching surface should be as consistent as feasible. If there are any gaps, begin filling them in with foam tape.

Step 4: Apply enough pressure to the Bobblehead and hold it there for at least 30 seconds.  


Keeping Them In their Original Boxes

Seeing your bobblehead figures arranged in their original packaging gives you a sense of dignity. This sentiment prompts collectors to preserve their bobbleheads in original cardboard boxes, which still include foam or plastic packing. Their natural cases provide decent protection at no extra cost, but it is not nearly as much pleasure as cracking them.

If you exhibit them without the packaging, here's another expert tip: keep the original boxes close to reach. Keeping the boxes for storage or relocation is usually sensible because you can be sure they will always fit perfectly.

It's up to you whether you unwrap or seal your bobbleheads in their original packaging. Whether or not having them in their crates makes you happier is the determining factor. It wouldn't be wise to take your bobbleheads out of their original packaging if you consider it an investment. It loses value when the bobblehead figure is removed from its original box.  


Custom Multi-item Racks or Cases

You can be more imaginative when displaying your bobblehead collection out of the box and on adequately protected shelves or boxes. Boxed bobblehead figures might appear heavy and take up a lot of room in your storage if you have a lot of them. Furthermore, you have fewer options for how to show them.

It requires extreme self-control not to open recently purchased bobblehead figures. However, there is a particular delight in feeling and holding your collection figure entirely in your hands. You won't have to worry about your priceless bobblehead's colors fading or cracking anytime soon if you use specialized multi racks or cases. Collectors advise adding UV protection to your glass cases and shelves when possible.  

Built-In Shelves

An expensive built-in shelf would provide a die-hard toy and figure collector with more elegant storage. If you are a regular auction winner or if you journeyed across the globe to acquire your priceless treasures, your admirers and followers anticipate something genuinely spectacular.

Invest heavily in a gorgeous built-in rack with glass guards for your collection. It's a superb method of emphasizing uncommon 6-digit figures. After you've seen the finished interior, it will be worthwhile to hire some engineers to excavate some holes in your room, even if they don't cost that much and you want them to look like they do.

Remember to use spotless lighting to accentuate the interior even more. Naturally, your bobblehead figurines should be unconventional, and their background should be carefully considered. Toy collectors employ mirrors as a backdrop rather than a blank white wall. Others might go for metallic or wood elements. However, it's advisable to experiment with what works best for the shelf lighting.  

The Best Storage For Bobbleheads

 While it's true that pricey bobbleheads should have plentiful resting places, those who would prefer to purchase additional components rather than pay for engineering fees may wind up with a more functional space for their collection of priceless bobbleheads.

If you refuse to provide your bobbleheads with a comfortable resting spot, there's no problem. Your bobbleheads will remain to grin at you if you take adequate care of them and shield them from anything dangerous.

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