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If you watch the NBC television sitcom The Office, you're probably familiar with the concept of bobblehead dolls as gifts. Dwight Schrute's infatuation with miniature representations of himself is not uncommon; bobblehead dolls are becoming increasingly popular as inexpensive yet entertaining gifts.

The appeal of Bobblehead Dolls

Bobblehead dolls can be personalized online or issued by institutions to commemorate a particular event, sports milestone, player, or mascot. The more popular the subject, the more celebrated and valuable the bobblehead will become. For example, if a bobblehead commemorates a player's induction into the Hall of Fame, it would command a high price in the market. There may also be bobblehead dolls that function as souvenirs, such as personally autographed dolls by athletes.

A Short History of Bobblehead Dolls

The current generation of bobblehead dolls dates back to the 1800s. The Russian short novella "The Overcoat" by Nikolai Gogol is thought to be the earliest formal account of bobblehead dolls. Gogol described the essential character Akaky's neck as "like the necks of plaster cats which wag their heads."

The concept gained popularity in numerous European and North American countries, particularly in the United States during the 1960s, thanks to Major League Baseball. After the 1970s, interest in bobblehead dolls waned slightly, but the trend resumed with the turn of the millennium.

Today, bobblehead dolls are famous in baseball stadiums, with several teams offering them as merchandising. People spend fortunes collecting them. In 2014, a Yankee Bobblehead doll in 1961 sold for $60,000 at an auction.

Why Bobblehead Dolls Are Great as Gifts

Bobblehead dolls make excellent gifts for friends, partners, bosses, and yourself. 


Bobblehead dolls are generated using the photographs you provide. You can upload photos of the person you want to gift and then select from over 1,000 postures to position them. Within five or six weeks, you'll have a customized bobblehead that looks exactly like the person you're giving the present to.

Personal Satisfaction

People like Dwight Schrute from The Office enjoy looking at smaller copies of themselves on occasion. Many people maintain bobbleheads of themselves at work. If you know someone with this preference, bobblehead dolls would make an excellent gift.


Bobblehead dolls are incredibly inexpensive. You can easily acquire one for as little as $50. So, if you want to give someone something unique and worthwhile but don't want to spend much money, a bobblehead doll could be the perfect gift.


There is a vast global community dedicated to bobblehead collections. Every time a sports club distributes bobblehead dolls, a massive frenzy ensues. Although homemade bobblehead dolls are often inexpensive, rare and valuable bobbleheads can cost up to four figures.

If you know someone who likes bobbleheads, you can support their pastime by purchasing a valuable bobblehead to add to their recognized collection.  

Closing Thoughts

Bobblehead dolls have withstood the changing moods of the Pop Culture generation to remain fan favorites for quite some time. So, if you're looking for a simple, affordable gift to make someone's day, bobblehead dolls are a great option.

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