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Bobblehead Collection

Bobblehead Collection – What You Should Look For

People are calling bobbleheads by different names. Some call them bobbers, while others are nodders and sometimes wobblers. Some people may think collecting bobbleheads is stupid, yet it's actually a very lucrative industry. There is a frenzy whenever a team gives away a bobblehead because the most valuable ones may go for hundreds of dollars. The idea of collecting bobbleheads may seem elementary, but there are a few nuances to keep in mind before diving in.

The Beginning of Bobbleheads

Although bobbleheads, as we know them now, are a relatively new collectible, their ancestors may be traced back to the mid-1800s. The overcoat, a Russian short story by Nikolai Gogol published in 1842, is widely regarded as the first written reference to the swaying figures. The author, Akaky, describes the protagonist as having a neck similar to a plaster cat's neck, which wags their heads.

The idea eventually made its path to American athletics in the early 20th century after spreading to several other countries over the years. In the early 20th century, they were largely considered a curiosity, but thanks to Major League Baseball, they began to gain popularity in the 1960s.

Bobblehead collecting fame started in the year 1970s and 1980s before waning. However, it experienced a resurgence just before the turn of the millennium. During the 1999 baseball season, the San Francisco Giants celebrated the 40th birthday of Candlestick Park by giving away a limited number of Willie Mays jerseys to his followers.

The renaissance reached its height in the years that followed, and bobblehead giveaways became a familiar sight for baseball enthusiasts. Additionally, many other sports have joined the bobblehead craze, making them a common sight among minor league clubs.

Important Terms You Need to Know

Collectors of bobbleheads should familiarize themselves with a few terms before going shopping or doing research online.


This means that you may shop for the bobblehead through reputable online retailers and brick-and-mortar shops. The manufacturer and intended use of the set are the primary differentiating factors. The downside is that while this makes them the most accessible, limited edition versions tend to sell out rapidly.


The acronym means New In Box. This means that the bobblehead is supplied in its original condition, with full packing and documentation. Many collectors prefer this since the packaging itself can be kept and displayed.


Season Ticket Holder. Season ticket holders get exclusive bobbleheads, which are often in lower supply than those accessible to the general public. These limited edition bobbleheads can be the most elusive to find, as they are given out only to people who are dedicated enough to the team to attend every home game throughout the season.

SGA (Stadium Giveaway)

Although the acronym SGA can be read in a number of different ways, they all point to the fact that this particular bobblehead can only be obtained through a stadium promotion. Some teams may make them available to everyone in the stadium, while others may proclaim a certain number that is lower than the actual number of seats.

These gifts often range from 15,000 to 20,000 and can be obtained without spending any more money beyond the price of admission to the game in question. The bobbleheads given away at stadiums are usually sponsored and free to their followers. This indicates that the bobble will likely feature a brand logo.

Reasons For Collecting Bobbleheads

Some people you know can afford to shop for bobbleheads. It does not matter how expensive it is. One of the reasons why these collectibles are popular is because it makes them happy. Some people would save up some money or borrow from a friend just to get hold of the limited edition of nodders before it gets sold out. There are a lot of reasons why people like to collect bobbleheads. Some of them are as follows:

  • Anyone can start a collection, even if they don't have much money.

  • And since the right bobbleheads tend to increase in value over time, most collectors feel comfortable using them as a method to invest their money.

  • Like any other sort of memorabilia, nodders bring fanatics closer to the celebrity, character, or sports they admire.

  • They are like something that happened or was said during a game. This is especially true for bobbleheads made in honor of an event. For example, the three bobbleheads of Kobe Bryant remember the three most important moments of his NBA career.

  • This is how fans display their admiration for a celebrity, so they don't mind if it costs a few dollars or thousands of dollars.

  • Bobbleheads are a way to remember or show off great people, amazing characters, or events you will never forget.

Value of Bobbleheads

When you collect something, you should always be aware of how much it costs. Some bobbleheads can sell for crazy amounts, but most can be found for just a few dollars, depending on how many were made and what they show. Most collectors focus on one team or period, but it can be fun just to look around and pick up whatever bobbleheads catch your eye.

Prices tend to go up when a new bobblehead comes out, but once the initial buzz dies down, you can find deals on almost any bobblehead as long as the supply hasn't run out. There are plenty of bobbleheads for everyone, whether you can spend $10 per one or thousands.

The best technique to find out how much different bobbleheads go is to look on You can see not only the current listings but also the listings that have been sold and their final prices.

Even though there will always be exceptions, it can be very easy to see how high or low the price range is for a certain bobblehead with the right search string and time frame.

When something is valuable, it's only natural for people to wonder which iterations are the most expensive. Only some sort of bobbleheads consistently fetches the highest prices.

Bobbleheads Collectibles From

Everyone dreams of having an impressive collection. It's not a bad idea to start off with a modest roster and add to it as you gain experience and success. This is why having access to a consistent supply of bobbleheads is so important.

The selection of bobbleheads at is extensive and is divided into different categories. All sort of miniatures, including regular bodies, superheroes, and character types, are available at very reasonable prices.

Some of the bobblehead collections from are as follows:

Anime Bobblehead Collections

Anime lovers collect anime bobbleheads to display their support for their favorite anime characters. offers a wide range of anime nodder characters. You can also order a customized anime to add value to it. Aside from their obvious aesthetic value, many people find the pursuit of completing a collection to be an enjoyable endeavor. Regardless of your motivation, collecting anime figures may be a great pastime.

Ordering the anime bobblehead on is easy. You just need to fill up the form

NFL Bobblehead Collections

Most bobblehead collectors have a complete collection of NFL bobbleheads of players. It is also considered one of the most valued bobble head dolls. Aside from the Beatles bobblehead, the NFL bobblehead is regarded as one of the highest-valued nodders in the industry.

The price of the nodders depends on the material used and whether you want it customized or pre-made. offers this collection item at an affordable price. But some NFL bobbleheads may cost you a bit. You can find modern bobblehead dolls, one of the most popular sports memorabilia, as a stadium giveaway or in ballparks in the country. 

Superhero Bobblehead Collections

Superheroes have progressed significantly from their origins as purely fictional characters for the entertainment of audiences in media such as film and comic comics. The boundary between fiction and truth has become increasingly porous in modern culture. Bobbleheads, cosplay costumes, and memorabilia are now featured in any fan's bedroom.

Before making the final order, it is best to check out the doll’s description so you will have an idea of what it is made of. You can view their bobble head dolls by visiting their website. You can shop at superhero bobblehead dolls at an affordable low price.

The most popular bobble head superhero is Superman. Regardless of age, many love to add the man in a blue suit with a red cape to their collection. Some of its expensive dolls are featured in antique stores.

Sports Bobblehead Collections

One of the most expensive collectibles is the sports bobblehead. Basketball legends like Michael Jordan, the famous Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo, and American tennis champion Serene Williams are some of the sports bobble head collectibles available on The best thing is that you can request customized sports nodders.

This is especially true in the NBA, NFL, and MLB, where personalized nodders have become popular promotional items. Sports fans have favored bobbleheads for over 40 years due to their uniqueness and the pervasiveness of the product's marketing. Promoters in the sports industry have been known to use personalized bobbleheads of their clients as a gift for their fans.

Musician Nodders Collection

For music lovers out there, you can keep a collection of different musical instruments with your customized dolls on it. You can order a customized guitar with your dad's dolls on it, or if you love to play piano, you can order a personalized nodder with your image. can make everything possible so you will have a unique set of collectibles.

Preserving and Showcasing Your Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads have built-in support and sufficient weight to prevent them from toppling over. You just need a level, stable place that's out of reach of curious hands and paws. People typically just set it down on a flat surface like a table, bureau, or shelf and start bobbing away.

This is the simplest and least expensive method to show off your collection of modern bobbleheads so people can view them. Most of which will never be valued that much.

Ceramic varieties, despite their apparent sturdiness, are rather delicate. The area around the neck and head, as well as any extended arms or other body parts, are particularly vulnerable. The vast majority of bobbleheads will break after a shortfall.

Exposure to the environment might cause them to deteriorate and develop cracks. For this reason, some collectors choose to maintain them in their original plastic or foam-lined cardboard boxes and display them in the hall. While not nearly as exciting, free shipping often comes with decorative packaging that provides enough protection. The boxes are useful to keep around for storage or moving purposes, even if you opt to exhibit the items without any protection.

When it comes to pricey bobbleheads, it's important to keep them safe. While losing your $5 Jason Bay bobblehead would be a disappointment, losing an item worth hundreds or thousands of dollars would be disastrous. also offers custom multi-item racks, cases, and single cases for your convenience. When possible, you should always opt for UV protection.

Final Thoughts

If you are into bobblehead collection, we suggest you visit the bobblehead collection page. They offer a wide range of collectible items that are worth collecting. You can shop for bobbleheads, it does not matter where you are in the world.

Bobbleheads are fun to look at, talk about them, and give to other people. In the end, that's what a hobby should be: something fun and interesting to do. Bobbleheads are small reminders of something that makes us happy, whether it's a character we love or a subject we're interested in. Ordering is easy. Simply fill up the form, read the description, and follow the instructions given to you. No need for you to undergo a complicated process of purchasing.

If you think collecting bobbleheads is for you, start investing on it now. If it's very popular and rare, it can sometimes sell for more than $100. Sometimes, people will pay a lot more than that for bobbleheads.