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Valentine's Day Bobblehead

2024 Valentine’s Day Custom Bobbleheads Guide

Valentine's Day is coming up soon. This day is all about your significant other. Therefore, whether you are single or in a relationship doesn't matter! With so many alternatives available, choosing the ideal present for them can be challenging.

What’s unique about Valentine’s Day gifts?

Choosing what to get that particular someone might seem impossible, as if discovering them needed to be more accessible. Ultimately, they need to know whether they genuinely have your heart. But don't worry. One item you should think about purchasing from them is personalized bobbleheads of themselves!  

What if you don’t know how to choose a bobblehead?

Personalized bobbleheads, especially ones featuring you, are the ideal presents! We are a 100% customizable bobblehead manufacturer for those who do not know. This implies that you have complete control over the appearance of sports figures, including their head shape, facial expression, hair color, and haircut!

The most excellent part is the sentimental aspect of owning a personalized Bobblehead of yourself. You might present your loved one with something that constantly reminds them of your affection for them. And let's face it, who wouldn't want a tiny replica of themselves?  

What are custom bobbleheads?

Personalized and created bobbleheads are other names for custom bobbleheads. These affordable presents allow you to build anything you can think of. If money is not an issue, you can choose the Platinum or Diamond editions, which only take four to six weeks to produce. You need to be aware of a few things before ordering your personalized bobbleheads.

What should you keep in mind when ordering a bobblehead?

Ensure you take care of yourself all year long by maintaining your health and fitness level if you want a bobblehead that is an exact reproduction of you! Additionally, when shooting photos, try to wear neutral hues to prevent garments from looking bad. You don't want your ideal gift to be associated with a negative image!

Please use pictures taken from your preferred perspectives if that seems for you. Those kinds of pictures are easy for us to work with. If the worst happens, you can see your finished product's appearance before it's generated, thanks to our live preview function.

Remember that for us to work with your picture, it must be clear and high-resolution. Your image must be clear to create an exact reproduction of you as a bobblehead; otherwise, we will have to remake it at an additional expense. When taking photos, adjust the lighting on your camera to avoid any unflattering shadows or glares!

Remember that most cameras have an automatic setting that takes care of this for you, so if you're using a real digital camera rather than just downloading your images from somewhere on the internet, you should be OK with this step.

Families should also consider a few additional factors before purchasing personalized Bobbleheads. Other materials than resin are available if you want to create something that future generations will inherit. If you want something more traditional, you can go with porcelain or "Unbreakable Resin," which is just regular resin but even more robust! But remember that different materials reflect light differently, other images will be needed for various materials.  

Some basic guidelines for getting any material

When taking photos, be careful to adjust the lighting on your camera to avoid any unflattering shadows or glares! -Avoid taking shots directly in the frame with the sun. This can cause odd shadows and hues to appear. -Send us only crisp, high-resolution pictures without strange glares or shadows. -Set your camera to "Portrait" mode so that all of your photos are taken at a 90-degree angle instead of an oblique, vertical, or horizontal one. This will guarantee that the finished result is free of odd distortions!

To get color specificity, a simple method is to take photos of several colored backgrounds until you locate one with the ideal color scheme for your personalized bobblehead! This may sound laborious, but once done, it guarantees that every component of your bobblehead will complement one another nicely.  

Final thoughts

One last item... To avoid looking weird, make sure any accessories you want to wear with your custom bobbleheads, such as hats or spectacles, match your attire! Make sure your glasses, for instance, are strong enough to last production if you wear them in the photo.

Personalized bobbleheads make the most beautiful gifts, with endless possibilities for creative expression!

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