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Wedding Bobblehead

The most important day of our lives is our wedding. As a way to add some uniqueness and excitement to the wedding, how about creating a personalized bobblehead wedding cake topper?

OnIn order to ensure that everything on the wedding day is lovely and unforgettable, the bride and groom typically invest a significant amount of time and money in their wedding preparations. The wedding cake is the one item that cannot be overlooked amidst all the other preparations for the wedding, including the gowns, the location, the invitations, and the guest presents.  

How to select a wedding cake topper? 

An increasing number of couples are choosing to decorate their wedding cakes with laser-cut messages, floral arrangements, wood-carved images and figures, groom and bride silhouettes, and animals with a country theme. All of these decorations are readily available online. All you have to do is choose cake decorations with your wedding theme.

We interviewed both professional cake makers and couples getting ready for their weddings. They all agree that planning the cake decoration ahead of time is preferable to rushing things together the night before the wedding.

Before selecting the appropriate wedding cake decorations, you should first have the baker check the size of the cake's top layer.  

Wedding Cake Topper Tips


A distinctive and unforgettable wedding cake topper will undoubtedly provide the ultimate touch to your big day. Your first choice will be a cake decoration that can be customizedYou can personalize wooden name strips with your and your partner's names, include your love tokens in the cake decorations, or have them represent your preferred animals.  

②Reused post-wedding

Furthermore, many couples wish their wedding cake topper could be saved after the ceremony and utilized as a keepsake. Who could resist, after all, the sight of the decorations, which represented their love each year on their wedding anniversary? How lovely and passionate!  

③Time of placing cake topper

Is the cake topper something the couple should add on the morning of the wedding? It is best to place it when the baker delivers the cake to your wedding venue. If you must position the topper by yourself, exercise caution and gentleness.

Request that the topper be sent to a relative for safekeeping after the wedding by your organizer or another participant in the festivities. Once you've returned from your honeymoon, you can display it anywhere in your home or business or keep it safely stored in a box with the memories of your wedding.  

Why custom wedding bobbleheads as cake toppers?

Crafting a bobblehead will eliminate the redundancy of standard cake topper designs for wedding celebrations. A growing number of couples are surprising their guests with bespoke wedding bobbleheads of themselves. Most significantly, while selecting a topper, the wedding bobblehead also satisfies the criteria already listed in the article.

Wedding bobblehead dolls usually range in price from $150 to $200, which is far less than a set of personalized cake toppers for wedding events, which may cost up to $1500. Spending the least money and achieving the same or better benefits when dealing with economic inflation makes the most sense.

Many of our clientele have previously crafted their dolls, usually opting for a 7 to 8-inch height for their wedding cakes. This guarantees that the bobbleheads will nestle snugly on the bridal cake. A year or two may pass as preparations are made for the fantastic wedding. Nevertheless, buying wedding bobbleheads for the bride and groom only takes a few minutes. You might be surprised that personalized groomsmen bobbleheads make the most original presents.

If you want personalized wedding bobbleheads, order at least one month before the wedding. Because they are all handcrafted, the bobbleheads require enough time to shape and adjust. Please pay close attention to the modifications once you get the face proof to make the doll look realistic. Manufacturers will ship them to you after you confirm.

Go all out for your wedding; there must be more planning for your ideal once-in-a-lifetime event! A personalized bobblehead will make Your wedding even more memorable and hilarious.  

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