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Why choose us

1.100% LOVE IT Guarantee
You will receive online proofs (in-progress preview photos) for each of your custom dolls during the creation process. You will have UNLIMITED FREE revisions available. This means we will modify your doll until you LOVE IT and you are 100% satisfied

2.Premium Quality Custom Bobbleheads
We are proud of the fact that we are offering you only premium quality dolls. All of our materials are guaranteed to be extremely durable, non-toxic and certified in accordance with the highest possible industry standards. We only use master artists with the appropriate education and a minimum of 10 years sculpting experience. Furthermore, we self-impose the highest industry standards for quality control and quality assurance procedures. All of this makes our custom figurines the best money can buy on this planet!

3.Best Price Guarantee
We are happy to provide our customers with a best price guarantee for premium quality custom bobbleheads. You will not find any other company on the internet that provides you with high quality custom figurines at the lowest prices – only Amazing If you think you have found a better price, please email us that offer, and we will match the price. Plus, we will give you an AMAZING additional 10% discount. When comparing our prices to others, please make sure you add all extra charges by the other provider, e.g. charges for proofing, base color changes, glasses, tattoos, helmets, caps, hats etc.

4.Fastest Turnaround Time
You could receive your custom dolls in as little as 7 business days. Be assured that even with rush orders, the premium quality assurances are maintained. Please take particular care during checkout to select the appropriate delivery options. If you require an extremely fast turnaround time, we have the exact shipping methods and custom options to deliver your doll to you quickly!

5.Free Proofs
You will receive UNLIMITED FREE proofs (in-progress preview photos) of your doll during its creation. We will never limit the proofs supplied or charge you for the proofing process. If you request changes, you will automatically receive new proofs, so you can see the modifications.

6.Top Notch Customer Service
We are the only company that does not ask you to sign up for an account. Other companies will ask you to register, and they will use that account information for their future (mostly automated) communication with you. This is not how we do business. Our customer service team will deal with your order directly and in person by email or over the phone. Because we offer a custom product, we think that personal, direct communication with our customer is the ONLY way to ensure a 100% satisfactory end product. We care about every single customer, and our customers love us for this reason!

7.Free Add-ons & Free Base Color Selection
We do not try to charge you for every little extra you request. Although the industry standard is to charge for base colour selection, tattoos, logos, helmets, caps, hats, glasses, sunglasses and other small add-ons, Amazing Bobbleheads is happy to give all these extras for FREE. Isn't it amazing?

8.Free Consultation incl. Free Mockup & Simple Order Process
While we provide online forms to create your order via the website, we are more than happy to receive your photos by email in advance and to discuss the project with you before starting it. We can produce a free mockup of your doll by combining several of your photos. If you feel ordering via the website is not for you, you can simply place your order by email!

9.Money Back Guarantee
We are so confident in our custom dolls that we offer a “no questions asked” money back guarantee. If at any time during the creation process (pre-shipping), you would like to cancel your order, we will immediately refund your payment. Only a cancellation fee of 20% of the order price applies, in order to avoid scam, frivolous, and other non-serious orders.

10.Bulk Orders at Extremely Favorable Prices
We are able to offer very favorable prices for large quantity orders, because we can use the mold produced for the first custom doll to create the remaining set. We are able to provide you with discounts of over 75% for large bulk orders of identical designs. Even if you have a large order with all unique designs, we will work on the pricing for you. Simply email us, and we will send you a free quote with attractive pricing!